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FeatureSafe2daySafety AssociationConsultant
Cost$$ + time$$$ - $$$$
Time InvestmentDaysMonthsWeeks
Safety Program Built For Your BusinessYesNoYes
Ongoing Support & CoachingYesNoNo
Safety System SoftwareYesNoNo
Training Required by LegislationYesSomeNo
Group Programs & SavingsYesNoMaybe

Quick Compliance

Our industry-specific programs and software allow you to implement an effective safety system in under a week - not months like other options available.

Stay current - we add new material and updates every month.

WCB Rebates

During our onboarding program we review every client's WCB rating to let you know how much you can save + how to get there.

See how our PRO and EXPERT programs can help you get COR certified and WCB rebates this year:

Access From Any Device

Manage programs from your phone, tablet or PC. Complete training, submit forms or review documents. However and wherever works best for you.

Take a tour through our custom MySafe2day Software to see how easy safety can be

"Working with Larry and Ryan made the overwhelming task of achieving company wide health and safety compliance a very manageable and rewarding experience. Guidance from safety experts made our minutes count where they were needed most while setting up the company Health and Safety program to align with Alberta industry best practices. We went from having nothing formally set up and every department doing something a little different to the entire company being on the same page in a matter of months. Due diligence has never been easier."

Kerry Watkins

Superintendent @ Calgary Golf and Country Club

“Safe2day has removed the hassle of creating OHS compliant procedures and policies by providing a personalized safety plan for our business. Our experience working with their program and team has been smooth and versatile to our needs. Their software is easy to use and Ryan is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have regarding the safety of our team.”

Gurdeep Dhaliwal

General Manager @ Modern Autobody

“Ryan and his team have been a huge help in setting up and maintaining our safety programs, documents and training. Our culture is coming along quickly, safety has become second nature and in the forefront for all staff.”

David Brooks

Fixed Operations Manager @ Grove RV

Some of Our Valued Clients

(you'll be in great company)


All packages are FLAT FEE by location, NO per-user charges
and require a one-time $499 onboarding fee
(covers program assessment, user training & custom document package)

Best for smaller locations with a DIY approach. Get required documents, monthly updates, access to our basic software and professional support. And if you decide you'd like to upgrade later, we will credit the amount towards Pro or Expert.



($1188 billed annually)

  • Branded Manual & Forms

  • New Materials Each Month

  • Secure Document Storage

  • Expert Support via Chat or Email

  • Offline Training Template

Our Most Popular Option
Best for busy locations that want to ensure the easiest route to staying safe, legal, and efficient. Save your valuable time with automated software & professional support.
**SAVE with annual billing $2739



**free month with Annual Billing

  • Branded Manual & Forms

  • New Materials Each Month

  • Secure Document Storage

  • Expert Support by Chat, Email


  • Safety Automated: Forms, Documents and Training From Any Device

  • Quarterly Video Program Review

  • $100 in Online Training Credits

For locations that have achieved or are working towards COR and WCB rebates (or just want the best, simply the best). Custom software tools and Quarterly guidance & meeting assists from a dedicated safety pro.
**SAVE with annual billing $4939



**free month with Annual Billing

  • Branded Manual & Forms

  • New Materials Each Month

  • Secure Document Storage

  • Expert Support by Chat, Email or Video Call

  • Safety Automated: Forms, Documents and Training From Any Device

  • Quarterly Video Program Review


  • Custom Automated Forms & Training

  • Quarterly Visit (via Zoom) By a Safe2day Pro: Complete Safety Meetings, Training and More

  • $200/year in Online Training Credits

Multiple Location Programs

We have specific features developed just for organizations with multiple locations. See how our programs have helped Go Auto, Yachimec Auto Group and the INNHotels Group to quickly and affordably implement effective safety programs.

We Believe It's Time To Do Safety Differently

Time to build programs for industries that don't need big, complicated or repurposed programs.
We believe in saving our clients time and money while engaging all employees in the process of building a solid, safe foundation for their workplace.

Ryan Hurlbut, CRSP


Ryan has over 20 years experience in creating safety programs, software and training in Alberta.

Wanda Miller

Manager - Training & Operations

Wanda brings over 20 years of experience in business management and processes.

Larry Hurlbut

Senior Safety Consultant

Larry boasts nearly 50 years in safety. He's run programs big and small (and pretty much seen it all)

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